How to kill and eliminate mosquitos from your backyard

If you are looking at ways to kill mosquitos, you must be looking at how to safeguard your home, landscape and lawn from the mosquitos. They could be a nuisance if you are just chilling outside and the mosquitos disturb your peace; from their whining buzz to sucking blood and the health hazard that they pose. They could facilitate the spread of yellow fever and malaria.

Here are some of the common ways to kill mosquitos.

  • Kill mosquito larvae. This method will use chemicals which can kill the larvae for over a month. By killing the larvae, you will be breaking the life cycle of the mosquitos.
  • Eliminate the breeding sites on your property. Clear stagnant water around your home to reduce the breeding sites which will in turn reduce the number of mosquitos. Places that you can check include clogged rain gutters, potholes, containers and discarded cans, tree holes and outdoor flower pots saucers.
  • Have a mosquito repellent for your outdoor living space. This will control how mosquitos invade your outdoor living space.
  • Use mosquito killers. This will kill both adult species and break the breeding cycle. The pesticides are mostly poured into water which will in turn kill the larvae.
  • Clean your pond by removing the algae. Mosquito larvae will feed on algae and other micro organisms that live in water. Therefore, removing algae will deprive them of food and will reduce the breeding of mosquitos.
  • Using traps. Although this will not prevent the breeding of mosquitos, it will control them around your home. Most of the used traps are UV, Carbon dioxide, water, propane and heat traps. Its important to change the traps regularly.
  • Lighting candles and lanterns. When lit with essential oils known to repel mosquitos, they will help in repelling mosquitos. Some of the oils used include lavender, clove, cedarwood, rosemary, peppermint, lemongrass and citronella.
  • Plant mosquito repelling plants. The essential oils and fragrances in some plants will naturally repel the mosquitos. Plant the trees around the perimeter to repel mosquitos as well as adding beauty to your setting.
  • Invite bats to your yard. Bats are mosquito predators. A bat can eat up to 1000 mosquito sized insects in one night.

It is very important to note that you can use more than one method if you want to completely eliminate mosquitos from your outdoor space. Invite your friends around home and worry no more if you have no mosquitos around.

How to choose the right swimming pool for you and your family

One of the main questions that most people ask when buying a swimming pool is the question on size. In order to answer the question, one need to ask themselves these very important questions:

  1. How many people will be using the pool and how often?
  2. Are you intending on hosting friends around the pool and how often?
  3. After deciding on the number of users to be using the pool, do you intend to increase the number?

What would you like included around the pool?

The first and most important question that you need to ask yourself is identifying your limitations. One of the main limitations that most homeowners face is the cost of putting up a swimming pool. Here are some of the main limitations when setting up a swimming pool:

Size. If your backyard is not big enough, you might be forced to get a smaller pool. In addition, remember you will need extra space around the pool for a deck. You need a bigger space to be able to provide a favourable mood for you and your family- the pool users.

Availability of prefab materials in set sizes. Most of the kits come in different and set sizes, meaning that you might be forced to go by the available sizes available in the market for your pool.

Cost. Low budget will either force you to use low quality materials or get a smaller size. Still on this factor, its important to consider other factors that will be adding on to your expenses like the covers, chemicals, cleaning, fencing ad general pool maintenance.

Maintenance. If you will be cleaning the pool yourself, you might vouch for a smaller pool. However, if you will be using the professional services of a pool cleaner, size is not an issue.

A swimming pool for recreational purposes needs to have a large shallow area and shape is not a limiting factor as you can have any shape. A pool for swimming laps ned to have a long and straight section with parallel ends. Swim spa is the best consideration if you are intending on using it for your daily workout.

Having a smaller pool will require less budget, will be easier to maintain and will cost you less to heat. There will be enough space left by smaller pools for other activities for your family.

Reasons most people get to install swimming pools:

The main reason why we have people installing swimming pools is for recreational purposes. Other reasons are for swimming laps used for exercises. Lastly, competitive swimmers might decide to have a swimming pool around their home; the pool must be set in a way that one can do complete strokes.

In conclusion, when it comes to choosing the right size for your swimming pool, its not an easy decision. One has to make a lot of considerations and this could be overwhelming. If you need help, you can inquire from the service providers/ dealers to be guided on the way forward.